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What is study abroad & why should a student take part in it?

Studying abroad is the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one's own. Studying overseas is one of the most challenging, interesting, and fun experiences you can have as a college student. Talk to anyone who has studied abroad and they will share stories they have about intercultural understanding, interesting differences, unique challenges, and experiences utterly unlike anything they could have imagined in the US.

Through taking academic credit abroad, a student can see the world, take in new cultures, hone language skills, expand career opportunities, develop personally, find new interests and make lifelong connections! Due to the highly immersive nature of a study abroad, it is a completely different experience than being a tourist!


NMU has a large list of over 50 countries where students can study and have studied abroad! Some of the most popular countries where Wildcats choose to study abroad are: Spain, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, Ireland and England, and South Korea.


In order for us to recommend a student for studying abroad, a student must meet certain eligibility requirements. At the time of application, students must:

  • meet a minimum 2.5 GPA requirement;
  • be in good academic and disciplinary standing with NMU

Students can study abroad as soon as the summer after their freshman year or, if a transfer student, after completing at least one semester at NMU.

Getting Started

Do your homework before scheduling a meeting with us. Ask yourself:

  • When is it an ideal time to study abroad?
  • Where are you interested in going?
  • Why do you want to take your studies abroad?
  • What will you be studying and what are your daily living preferences? Have you touched base with your academic advisor?

Attend an open event such as the annual Study Abroad Fair held in September, and utilize the resources linked below to help prepare for a successful and fulfilling study abroad experience. 

Choosing a study abroad program

Setting goals for your study abroad experience (.doc)

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NMU offers study abroad programs for most academic majors and minors, ranging from two weeks to a full year.

Ready to Apply?

Once you’ve selected your study abroad program, you must notify an NMU study abroad adviser, who will guide you to the application that's specific to your program. 

All application materials must be forwarded to International Programs. The study abroad coordinator’s signature is required for formal permission to apply. If your program has an online application option, please remember to save a copy of the completed online application forms and send to the International Programs office. Copies of all application materials are maintained in your student file. 

Basic Documents:

  • One letter of reference from an NMU faculty member
  • A one-page statement outlining your personal and educational goals for the study abroad experience
  • Dean of Student’s release of conduct information form
  • Official NMU transcript, mailed from Student Service Center to International Programs
  • A résumé
  • Completed Course Evaluation (see your study abroad adviser)
  • Study Abroad Budget (see your study abroad adviser)

General Requirements

  • NMU requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in order to approve an application to study abroad. Individual program sponsors may require proof of higher GPA.
  • NMU will withdraw its support of your application if you are under formal academic and/or disciplinary probation or suspension at the time your program begins.
  • With the exception of faculty-led programs, you must be at least sophomore standing at the time you participate in the program. 

Note: Institutional grants or scholarships and some forms of Michigan financial aid are not eligible for use on non-partner programs. 

Contact Us

Call, email or visit the International Programs office to schedule a study abroad advising appointment.