The NMU community values the scholarship and research activities of faculty and students.  Support and guidance for research activities is coordinated through Academic Affairs by the Office of Sponsored Programs in conjunction with your own academic department. Funding may come from several sources.

  • Professional development funds are available to full-time faculty who are members of the AAUP and NMUFA bargaining units via contractual agreement. Support funds are also provided to contingent/adjunct faculty and graduate teaching assistants under certain circumstances. Consult your department regarding funding requests and availability.
  • Internal grants are available to support research, scholarship, and creative works. Internal grants and the application deadlines can be found at the Office of Sponsored Programs website.
  • External grants are encouraged and support is available to help identify and prepare grant applications. The Office of Sponsored Programs coordinates this support.


The Commons is NMU’s institutional repository. It brings together all of the university’s research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to our intellectual products.  Faculty members are encouraged to deposit published articles, conference papers, presentations, etc. into the Commons.  For assistance using the commons, please contact your library liaison.

Lydia Olson Library

The Lydia M. Olson Library maintains a collection of over 445,000 books, 27,000 e-books, 26,000 electronic journals, and 85 databases for locating scholarly literature. Through interlibrary loan programs, the library can also help you obtain resources that are not part of its own collection. 

The library's reference librarians, who are faculty members, are each liaisons to specific academic departments, enabling them to provide specialized assistance in locating research literature by discipline.

The library also support's NMU's digital repository, The Commons.


Expectations for scholarship and professional development can be found within your departmental bylaws in coordination with the AAUP and NMUFA faculty union contracts. Questions regarding these expectations can be directed to your department head.

Many policies govern research and scholarship activities, including:

  • Intellectual Property and Invention Disclosure
  • Copyright
  • Use of Human Subjects
  • Use of Animal Subjects
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides guidance on the procedures for funding opportunities as well as research implementation expectations and processes. The Research and Compliance section of their website provides information on several important policies.