Audio Visual

Integrated Technology

The Northern Center's in-house audio visual team provides dedicated live event support, pre-planning and coordination, preparation of cost estimates and audio, video, and lighting system technical design. 

Multiday discounts are available to conferences. 

Audio Services

  • Technical event coordination and configuration
  • Wired and wireless microphones
    • Presenters, Panel discussions, Audience questions
    • Lavalier, handheld, headset
    • Vocal and instrument packages
  • Audio systems
    • Installed systems where applicable
    • Portable systems
  • Audio support for projected input sources
  • Audio device playback
  • Full frequency sound system packages scalable from small to large venues
  • Digital audio mixing and routing
  • Stage monitor mixing
  • Audio recording & post-production


  • Laptop rental
  • Computer and video projection scalable from small to large venues
    • One or more inputs with audio support
    • Video switching and distribution
    • One or multiple screens
  • Image magnification
    • Projection of presenter on screen
    • Single or multiple cameras
  • Confidence monitor

Video Services

  • Live and on-demand streaming
  • Webinar hosting
  • Two way video conferencing
    • Planning, hosting and configuration
    • Pre-event coordination and testing
    • Dedicated live event support
    • Moderator, polling, and chat support
    • Content sharing
  • Video recording & post-production

Lighting & Rigging

  • Lighting for video recording/streaming
  • Stage lighting packages scalable from small to large venues
  • Ground support & flown truss solutions
  • Up-lighting