Bryson Krieger

Portland, Michigan

Why did you choose to major in Physics?  I chose Physics because I have always had an interest in wanting to understand how the world (and universe) work and then to be able to apply that knowledge to create both new things and new discoveries to help our society as a whole. This curiosity branches off into my interest in engineering. By majoring in Physics, it creates a good foundation that will allow me to propel myself into either field. 

What has been your favorite Physics class and why?  My favorite physics course so far has to be Optics (PH330). This is because optics is a branch of physics that people actually experience everyday without realizing it. Even though this is true with most branches of physics, what makes this stand out is the fact that if it weren't for optics, people's glasses wouldn't work, or they wouldn't be able to use mirrors, telescopes/binoculars, windows, etc. By learning how these many different everyday objects work it is more eye opening when you finally see the image they create.

Favorite hobby: One of my favorite hobbies (other than hiking) is theatre, both the technical and performing sides.

One unique fact about you: I have worked/lived in many amazing places including Otavalo, Ecuador, Murdick's Fudge Shop on Mackinac Island, Mi,  Colvig Silver Camps in Durango, Colorado, and have even spent a summer doing research at the University of Delaware.

Bryson Krieger Photo

Noah Shevy

Marquette, Michigan

Why did you choose to major in Physics?  I chose physics because I have always been naturally good at math. When it came time to choose a major, I was stressed because I really wanted to make a positive impact on the world, but I didn’t know how. Eventually, after trying out a few different things, I landed on physics and I fell in love with the unique perspective of a scientist.

What has been your favorite Physics class and why?  I’ve really enjoyed calculus because it’s cool to look back at the history and think of all of the applications of each equation. It’s also been the most satisfying class to complete. 

Favorite hobby:  I enjoy going out into nature and discovering new things. Mushrooms have always been a unique interest, and I stumble across new ones fairly often.

One unique fact about you:  I know how to do a front flip.

Noah Shevy photo