The Physics Club is a student organization for anyone who thinks physics is "phun."  Meetings are held every two weeks.

The year is filled with activities, beginning with the display of a 111-foot pendulum in the Superior Dome during mobile device distribution. A courageous few may even be able to swing on the pendulum.

The fall semester includes a hike through the bog near Presque Isle Park to investigate the paranormal Paulding lights. Members also attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium at Argonne National Laboratory outside of Chicago. Students are encouraged to present their research projects at the conference.  The picture on the right features the students and faculty who traveled to the Symposium at Argonne National Laboratory this year.

Some very successful outreach programs have involved interactions between Physics Club members and students at Sandy Knoll Elementary School. Another important outreach activity is NMU's Seaborg Center Science Olympiad, held each February. The competition is open to middle and high school students. During the Olympiad, NMU physics students and faculty assist with various competitions in math and science.

Additionally, NMU physics students and faculty have been involved in Project Kaleidoscope, a day of scientific and hobby activities at NMU's Superior Dome. Elementary school students and teachers are also invited to NMU to participate in astronomical activities to supplement their study of the solar system. NMU physics faculty visit high school physics classes in the area to introduce students to new concepts and experiments.