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Approved Vendors Policy

Approved Vendors Policy

Approved Vendors

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When catered food and beverage services are provided by a commercial food service vendor on Northern Michigan University owned or leased property, such company or vendor must comply with the contractual terms of the agreement noted below. The NMU Risk Management and Insurance office and Simply Superior must have on file the “Certificate of Insurance.” The University prohibits the serving or purchasing of alcohol with this agreement. Vendors must provide the following information at time of application to be included on the approved vendor list:

  • A copy of the vendor’s Marquette County Food Service License.
  • A copy of Commercial General Liability Insurance, with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, including Northern Michigan University as additional insured.
  • A copy of Vehicle Liability Insurance, covering vehicles including and owned and non-owned vehicles, used to deliver.
  • A compiled Dining Services Vendor Agreement with authorized signature, contact phone number, and hours of operation.

Under the provisions of the College Food Law, PA 113 of 2010, no vendors will be permitted to sell or distribute to University facilities or properties.



Vendor Name______________________________________________(VENDOR)


Contact Person_____________________________________________________




To remain on the active food service vendor list, which enables my company to provide food and related services on the campus of Northern Michigan University, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. VENDOR agrees to provide to the University, upon request, a current copy of Marquette County Food Service License.

2. VENDOR agrees to protect, save, and hold harmless and indemnify Northern Michigan University against any and all costs (including attorney’s fees) and liability whatsoever for injury to or death of any person or persons, including, but not limited to, Northern Michigan University employees, students or visitors, or for loss of or damage to any property, occurring in connection with or in any way incident to this agreement.

3. VENDOR agrees to procure and maintain, during the term of this agreement, the following insurance:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance covering all employees preparing, serving or distributing food products.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence including Northern Michigan University as additionally insure d.
  • Vehicle Liability Insurance, covering all vehicles, including owned and non-owned vehicles, used to deliver food products to Northern Michigan University.

Certificates of Insurance evidencing the above insurance must be provided upon execution of this agreement and upon any renewal of this insurance.

4. VENDOR agrees to comply with the Northern Michigan University Dining Services Policy. This policy is available at the Northern Center & Events Services webpage.

Please send the completed Vendor Agreement form, current copy of Marquette County Food Service License and a current copy of the Certificates of Insurances for business & vehicle to the following address:

Simply Superior Catering and Events

Northern Michigan University

1401 Presque Isle Ave.

Marquette, Michigan 49855

Authorized Signature:




Printed Name and Title


Date                            Contact Phone Number


Hours of Operation

For Office use only: Approvals

Andy Zerbel, Risk Management  


Dianne Stone, Sales Manager 





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