Sexual Misconduct Overview

Date Approved:7-23-2015
Last Revision:7-23-2015
Last Reviewed:7-23-2015
Approved By:Board of Trustees


The Policy is sponsored jointly by the Equal Opportunity Office, NMU Police Department, and Dean of Students Office.

This policy affirms Northern Michigan University’s commitment to address sexual misconduct.  It also establishes the authority to develop, maintain, and communicate guidelines for the campus community.   


All university students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Northern Michigan University is committed to maintaining a safe learning and working environment – one free from dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, stalking, voyeurism, and any other behavior of a sexual nature that is nonconsensual, collectively referred to as sexual misconduct.  The University affirms the values of mutual respect, responsibility, and dignity for all members of the community.  Sexual misconduct undermines NMU’s mission and violates the rights of our students, faculty, and staff.  It is expressly prohibited.

Retaliation against an individual or individuals reporting sexual misconduct is prohibited

Northern Michigan University is committed to taking prompt corrective measures when incidents of sexual misconduct are reported.  All Northern Michigan University faculty and staff are required to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

In order to ensure ongoing compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, this policy is supported by a set of guidelines.  Development and ongoing review and revision of the guidelines are the charge of the Sexual Misconduct Policy Taskforce, whose members are representatives from the offices of Academic Affairs, Athletics, Counseling and Consultation Services, Dean of Students, Equal Opportunity, Health Center, Health Promotions, Housing and Residence Life, and the NMU Police Department, in addition to employees and students with special expertise who are appointed by the Provost.  The guidelines carry the same weight and force as the policy, and are approved by the President of Northern Michigan University.  The guidelines are reviewed biennially and are amended whenever laws, supporting regulations, clarification letters, or best practice concerns indicate the need for revision.  The guidelines will be reviewed no less often than biennially.  The guidelines include but are not limited to:

  • Options and requirements for reporting sexual misconduct
  • Information about how Northern Michigan University will protect confidentiality
  • Protective measures that may be offered to a person reporting sexual misconduct
  • Definitions of sexual misconduct under federal and state law
  • The Northern Michigan University definition of consent and incapacitation
  • Resources for employees, victims, survivors, complainants, and respondents
  • Safe options for bystander intervention
  • Investigation requirements and protocols
  • Disciplinary proceeding and possible sanctions
  • Prevention and education programs available to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, and stalking, including bystander intervention, ongoing prevention and awareness programs, and other prevention programs
  • Training for employees and students