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Outside Speakers Policy

Outside Speakers Policy

This policy fosters free inquiry and timely discussion and applies to every event held on campus and sponsored by a student organization or oganizations where one or more of the speakers at such event is not a member of the Northern Michigan University community.

General Policy: It is the policy of the Board of Trustees and the University to foster a spirit of free inquiry and to encourage the timely discussion of a wide variety of issues, provided that the views expressed are stated openly and, therefore, are subject to critical evaluation. Restraints on free inquiry should be held to that minimum which is consistent with preserving an organized society in which peaceful, democratic means for change are available.

Invitation of Speakers to Campus

Registered student organizations may invite speakers to the campus subject to the following conditions:

1) For purposes of coordinating such public meetings with the calendar of other activities taking place on University property, the sponsoring organization must (a) complete the Activity Request Form, indicating among other things, the names of all speakers, and the time and place of the meeting, the form to be certified by the signature of an officer of the organization, and (b) complete the Audio Visual Request Form for sound amplifying equipment, when necessary. These forms are available at the Center for Student Enrichment, Northern Center.

2) The speaker may not incite the audience to take unlawful action and to violate regulations essential to the orderly administration of the University.

3) Where a monetary fee is involved, agreements between an organization and a speaker should be in writing and signed by an officer of the organization. Contract forms are available in the Center for Student Enrichment.

4) It shall be the responsibility of the Director of Center for Student Enrichment to certify that all appropriate steps have been taken before the event is officially scheduled.

Date Approved:1-1-2000
Last Revision:1-7-2021
Last Reviewed:1-7-2021
Approved By:Board of Trustees