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Student Organization Registration Policy

Student Organization Registration Policy

Policy regarding registrations of student organizations.

Student Organization Registration Policy

Policy regarding registrations of student organizations.

Registration of student groups as organizations is indicative of a relationship of cooperation between the student group and Northern Michigan University.  This procedure is not intended as a means of restricting the free association of students in non-registered groups.

I. Privileges of Registered Organizations

Any registered organization may, on terms and conditions more fully set forth in related policies and publications, avail itself of:

     A. The use of University facilities for meetings and other activities.

     B. The opportunity to conduct approved fundraising projects on campus.

     C. The opportunity to participate in all-campus activities.

     D. The use of an official mailing address at Northern Michigan University.

     E. The use of a locker or a mailbox located in the Northern Center and/or Harden Hall, to            the extent that they are available.

     F. The opportunity to apply for funding from the Student Finance Committee for all-campus          projects and/or programs.

     G. The services provided for student organizations by the Center for Student Enrichment.

     H. The opportunity to participate in a number of campus activities, including Student                   Organization Fairs (like Fall Fest), Homecoming, the Leadership Recognition Banquet,             Summer Orientation and other leadership development opportunities.

     I.  The use of the Promotional Services department in the Center for Student Enrichment            for the design of posters, table ads, social media graphics, banners, etc.

II. Registration Requirements

It is a goal for Northern Michigan University to make the registration process for student organizations as easy as possible while at the same time preserving the integrity of student organization status. When a group of students seeks to register as a student organization, they will be asked to meet the following criteria:

     A. Only student members of the Northern Michigan University community may be officers          or members of registered student organizations.

     B. Each registered student organization shall have at least one adviser who shall be either         a member of the faculty or staff of the University; exceptions may be made by the                     Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or their designee.

     C. Registered student organizations must have missions that are consistent with the                   University's mission and the goals and objectives of the sponsoring unit.

     D.Registered student organization’s goals, objectives and activities are not to deviate from         established University policies, regulations or mandatory campus-wide events.

     E. Registered student organizations shall not be for commercial or for-profit                                 purposes.They should operate under the principles of a non-profit organization.

     F. Each new organization seeking registration shall submit to the Center for Student                    Enrichment a Student Organization Registration Form containing the following                          information:

  1. The name of the organization.
  2. The names of the organization’s contacts, their phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses.
  3. The name of the adviser, and the adviser’s position with the University, telephone number, campus address, and email address.
  4. A copy of the organization’s constitution, or a short statement setting forth the purpose and objectives of the local unit of the Organization, and its qualifications for membership.

     G. Students must re-register with the Center for Student Enrichment annually. Re-                        registering student organizations should update their information by the fourth week of              the fall semester in order to utilize the privileges afforded to registered student                          organizations. To update their registration, members of a student organization will be                asked to submit a Student Organization Re-Registration Form describing only those                  particulars that have changed since the organization registered or last completed an                update form.

     H. Exceptions to the foregoing requirements must have the written approval of the Director         of the Center for Student Enrichment or their designee.

     I. Faculty, staff, and members of local communities are welcome as honorary or auxiliary           members of student organizations. These individuals should not, however, be involved in         the decision-making process of the organization or in carrying out the organization’s                 responsibilities.

III.    Denial or Suspension of Registration

Upon recommendation from the Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or their designee, registration of a student organization will be denied or suspended by the Dean of Students Office if the organization’s objectives and activities conflict with the educational, cultural, recreational, and social goals of the University. Such conflict shall include, by way of example, but not by way of limitation, discrimination on the basis of sex, race, creed, or natural origin, acting in furtherance of the private financial gain of an individual or group of individuals, or complicity in any violation of written policies or regulations of the University.

IV.   Non-Registered Student Organizations

While certain regulations and privileges have been outlined for registered student organizations, it is not intended that non-registered organizations should be completely denied use of University facilities. New or informally organized student groups may utilize University facilities on a temporary basis by receiving approval to do so by the Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or their designee.

The Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or designee will be happy to provide assistance to those groups interested in becoming registered student organizations.

Date Approved:1-1-2000
Last Revision:1-9-2024
Last Reviewed:1-9-2024
Approved By:President