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Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy


Policy regarding visitors to student residence halls.


Northern Michigan University recognizes the maturity of residence hall students and seeks to provide numerous opportunities for them to interact freely, learn to utilize good judgment in those interactions, and to accept the related responsibilities. Consistent with these efforts, this Visitation Policy is intended to extend the privilege of having guests in their rooms and lounge areas to those students living in residence halls.


1) Hours: Students may have visitors in their residence hall rooms and lounge areas twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven days a week, unless specifically changed by those affected or by the President or his for her designee (as specified below).

2) Rights of Residents: Each residence hall student has the right to privacy and quiet within their room and may veto the implementation of this policy as it pertains to their room. Difficulties between roommates or suitemates in regard to this provision which cannot be resolved should be brought to the prompt attention of a Resident Adviser (RA) or other Office of Housing and Residence Life staff member.

3) Conduct: The conduct of the residents and their invited guests must be in accordance with the regulations and administrative policies listed in the Student Code and the University Ordinances. It is the responsibility of the host/hostess to ensure that their guest(s) know and understand all University rules, regulations and ordinances. Students using the privilege of visitation may not engage in cohabitation or indecent activities which contravene State Law.

4) Overnight Guests: Overnight guests are permitted in accordance with the Guest Registration Procedure as outlined in the Student Code.

5) Cancellation: The President or their designee (e.g., Resident Director, Associate Dean of Students, Dean of Students, or Director of Housing and Residence Life) may decide that individuals have abused the privilege of the use of visitation in accordance with this policy and as a result suspend the policy until such time and upon such terms and conditions as deemed desirable.

6) Note: The application of this policy to individual student rooms and suites will be discussed and determined by roommates and suitemates in conjunction with the Roommate and Suitemate Agreement processes.

Date Approved:1-1-2000
Last Revision:3-5-2021
Last Reviewed:3-5-2021
Approved By:Board of Trustees