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Appointing Endowed Professorship/Chair Policy

Appointing Endowed Professorship/Chair Policy

To establish a policy to standardize eligibility and procedures for appointing endowed professorship/chair nomination and selection.


I. Criteria

        a. Eligibility

                i. Full-time, tenured, and continuing contract faculty members
                ii. Rank: associate or full professor

        b. Standards

               i. Must have a proven record of exceptional scholarship and an active scholarly
               ii. Must have a documented record of exceptional teaching (for                                                       chairs/professorships that include instructional responsibilities)

II.   Nomination and Selection Procedure/Guidelines

        a. Internal candidates

                i. The associate dean or department head (AD/DH) identifies internal candidates                          through internal review or nomination process at the department level.
                ii. Nominations may be made by external or internal colleague.
                iii. If the AD or DH is a candidate, the dean or designee leads this process.
                iv. The provost consults with the AD/DH and appoints a college-level committee to                         review the candidates.

                      1. Review committee members shall generally consist of (at a minimum):

                               a. Dean of the college
                               b. Tenured and/or continuing-contract faculty (in a number greater than                                         the number of administrators on the committee)
                               c. Faculty from the same discipline of the candidate(s)
                               d. Faculty from a discipline other than that of the candidate(s)

                       2. The review committee solicits three external letters of evaluation for the                                     nominee(s).

                               a. Evaluators should be senior faculty members in the candidate’s field.
                               b. When possible, evaluators should include those who are in an endowed                                    position (chair, professorship), members of national/professional                                                academies related to the candidate’s discipline, and/or other recognized                                    scholars and academic leaders.

                     3. The review committee makes a recommendation to the provost. The                                          recommendation must include:

                              a. Names of review committee members
                              b. Summary of review process
                              c. Brief description of each external evaluator
                              d. Copy of each external evaluation letter
                              e. Recommendation and, if applicable, ranking of nominees
                              f. Justification of recommendation and ranking

              v. The provost reviews the recommendation and supporting documentation and                            makes a decision regarding the appointment and its terms.

                      1. Once an offer is extended and accepted, the provost makes the                                                  recommendation to the president and informs the NMU Foundation CEO.

              vi. The recommendation then goes to the BOT for final approval.

      b. External candidates

               i. If recruiting externally, the usual protocols for faculty recruitment for tenured or                          continuing contract positions shall generally be followed. The endowed/named c                        chair or professorship shall be highlighted in the recruitment materials.

              ii. The formation and membership of the review committee is the same as that for                          internal candidates (see a., iv., 1., above).

             iii. The recommendation and review process is the same as that for internal                                    candidates (see a., iv., 2. and 3., above).

             iv. If a nominee is accepted by the provost, appropriate authorization to hire papers                       are completed by the dean.

              v. The dean or associate dean/department head, as appropriate, extends the offer                        and the terms to the candidate.

            vi. Once an offer is extended and accepted, the provost makes the recommendation to              the president and informs the NMU Foundation CEO.

           vii. The recommendation then goes to the BOT for final approval.


III.   Role and responsibilities

       a.   Shall be outlined clearly in a letter of appointment
       b.   Shall generally include the following minimum expectations:

           i. Pursue a program of high quality research, creative endeavors and/or scholarship                    commensurate with the position of an eminent scholar

          ii. Disseminate results of production to students, faculty, staff, and the community                          through presentations, publications, seminars, and/or other appropriate forums

         iii. Engage with the campus and regional community

         iv. Maintain current professional relationships external to the department and university

         v. Develop new professional relationships external to the department and university

        vi. Other responsibilities as outlined by the specific named chair/professorship


IV.   Review and reappointment procedures/process

      a. The Office of the Provost maintains endowed chairs/professorship appointments,                       including review dates and renewals.
      b. Terms of endowed professorship/chair shall be three years at the associate rank and                 five years at the rank of professor.
      c. Endowed professor/chair shall be evaluated every year at the associate rank and every            five years at the rank of professor.
      d. Evaluations shall follow procedures and processes as they are outlined in the Master                Agreement for the appropriate unit.
       e. Recommendations are made to the provost regarding renewal of endowed                              appointment.

Date Approved:5-15-2018
Last Revision:5-15-2018
Last Reviewed:5-15-2018
Approved By:President