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Effort Certification Policy for Sponsored Programs Participation

Effort Certification Policy for Sponsored Programs Participation

Personnel cost typically represent the single largest expense charged to federally sponsored awards. Accordingly, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) requires that institutions receiving federal funds maintain an effort certification process that complies OMB established regulations. This statement establishes the university's policy for obtaining effort certifications for employees whose salaries are paid via exteranl sponsors.

NMU staff


Northern Michigan University will maintain an effort reporting system and obtain effort certification from employees in compliance with federal regulation. The Controller's Office will oversee adherence to OMB guidelines and review all effort certifications.

Corresponding Effort Certification Procedures establish guidelines and other relevant information pertinent to this policy. The Controller's Office is responsible for establishing and editing related procedures.

Date Approved:6-17-2015
Last Revision:6-17-2015
Last Reviewed:6-17-2015
Approved By:President