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Information Technology Extended Google Workspace Policy

Information Technology Extended Google Workspace Policy

This policy governs access to NMU Google Workspace for NMU graduates. Effective Winter 2018, individuals who earn an NMU degree have the option to utilize NMU Google Workspace. This Policy applies to the NMU Google Workspace accounts for former (graduated) students. 

Graduates of Northern Michigan University may receive extended access to Northern Michigan University Google Workspace accounts. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or designate will develop and implement appropriate controls for the eventual deactivation of the account and destruction of the related data.


Google Workspace: Google's productivity applications. This procedure will not be updated to reflect every change to Google product names. At the time the policy was initially approved, the Google Workspace application names included Gmail, Google docs, Google Meet, Google Sheets, etc. Going forward, the policy and procedure applies to the suite of Google’s connected productivity applications commonly offered to NMU students, regardless of the proprietary names in place. Typically, this includes email, calendaring, documents, and spreadsheets and may also include more functions.

Graduate/graduation: Person who has earned a degree from Northern Michigan University as determined by the Registrar. 

Grace Period - any individual in compliance with the NMU Acceptable Use Policy and who leaves the University has a minimum 1 year grace period during which time their Google Workspace access will be maintained. 

Extended access - continued access to the NMU Google Workspace. 

At the end of the grace period, individuals who have access to NMU Google Workspace and who meet the criteria for extended access will be granted extended access. 


● This is only an option for individuals who have been granted a degree.

● Extended access will be limited to 5GB of total Google Workspace storage. While no data will be deleted when an account is granted extended access, no additional data will be stored unless the account falls below the 5GB limit.

● The individuals who have been granted extended access can retain their NMU Google Workspace account and functionality as long as the account has been accessed (i.e. the user logs in) at least once each calendar year.

● An extended Google Workspace account that has not been accessed at least once in the prior calendar year will be disabled. 

● Prior to the account being disabled, the University will send an email to the NMU Google Workspace account regarding the pending change. This may alert individuals who have auto-forwarded their NMU email to another account. No other notification to the individual is required. 

● After the account is disabled, users may request reactivation at any time prior to the deletion of the NMU Google Workspace account, typically one calendar year.

● NMU will delete the NMU Google Workspace account as well as the related data for any account that has been disabled for more than one year. The NMU Google Workspace account will not be reinstated unless the individual returns to NMU as an active student or employee; the data cannot be recovered. 

● Extended access users may contact the NMU Helpdesk to assist with any issues concerning extended access accounts. 

● Extended access users may retain access to any shared drives they previously had access to, subject to content manager approval, but will not be permitted to create new shared drives.

● Shared drives accessed solely by extended access users or by extended access users and external users will be limited to 1GB of storage.


Related Policy: Acceptable Use Policy

Date Approved:2-16-2021
Last Revision:9-13-2023
Last Reviewed:9-13-2023
Approved By:President