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Student Employment Policy

Student Employment Policy


To provide guidance and advice to university staff who hire, train, supervise, and evaluate student employees.  To also provide advice and guidance to students employed part-time by the University.


All full-time and part-time university staff who hire, train, supervise, and/or evaluate student employees, and all students employed by Northern Michigan University.

Student Employment Policy:

Individuals hired as student employees must be enrolled at NMU for 6 or more credit hours (4 graduate credit hours) during the semester they are working, work no more than 24* hours per week or 40 hours per pay period during the school year (40 hours per week during the summer months and break periods), and be making satisfactory progress towards a degree, certification, or diploma. 

University employees who supervise student employees are responsible for monitoring the number of hours each student works and for coordinating, as appropriate, with other campus departments employing the same student.

*Per visa/immigration policy, international students remain limited to 20 hours of work each week or 40 hours per pay period during the academic year. International students can work up to 40 hours per week during break periods.


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Date Approved:10-19-2000
Last Revision:9-23-2022
Last Reviewed:9-23-2022
Approved By:President