Standard Purchasing

Date Approved:3-6-2001
Last Revision:2-27-2020
Last Reviewed:2-27-2020
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:PURCHASING
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To provide information regarding the uniform purchasing policy at Northern Michigan University.


All faculty and staff.


The policy of the Purchasing Department is to conduct its purchasing on an ethical, sound and businesslike basis, and to secure goods and services to attain the maximum value for each dollar expended in promoting the educational needs and objectives of this institution.

This information was prepared to acquaint University employees in the purchasing procedures and policies governing the procurement and delivery of all materials, supplies, services, and equipment required in the operation of Northern Michigan University.  It is a guide to the normal operation of this Department, and should provide all the information needed regarding Northern Michigan University purchasing methods.  Additional information can be obtained by calling the Purchasing Department at 2360.