Telephone Services

Date Approved:7-1-2003
Last Revision:7-1-2003
Last Reviewed:7-1-2003
Approved By:President
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This policy is to explain the telecom services provided, the procedures established to request these services and the processes for charging for these services.


All Faculty and Staff.


Any/all requests for telecommunications services on behalf of Northern Michigan University, whether on or off campus, must be handled through Telephone Systems.

Telephone Services


The basic telecomservices provided by the University’s Telecommunications Office includes the following:
Repair and maintenance of all University telephone and peripheral equipment and services.
Requests for adds, moves and changes to existing departmental telephones and network jacks.
Long distance service.
Copper cabling for voice and data jacks.
Fiber optic cabling for voice, data, and video services.

Repair and MaintenanceUniversity provided telephone service andfeatures are supported and maintained by Telecom Operations. Service calls for voice, data, and wireless issues are accepted via email to or during normal business hours by calling the Telecom Help Desk at extension 1995.

Requests for Adds, Moves and Changes
Departmental telephone and network changes and additions may be initiated by an email to or a call to the Telecom Help Desk at extension 1995.  Telecom Help Desk hours match normal business hours.

Long Distance Service
Long Distance Service charges are included as part of the normal monthly phone charge.

Cabling for Voice and Data
Telephone Systems is responsible for evaluating all voice,data, and fiber cabling requests. Where appropriate, the standard of onecable for data and one cablefor voice will be run to each work station.