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Use Of University Facilities And Equipment Policy

Use Of University Facilities And Equipment Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide an efficient means of controlling the use of university equipment.

Faculty, staff, students and individuals not associated with the university.

Organizations or individuals, in accordance with existing procedures may rent university facilities.

No other use of university facilities by organizations or individuals not associated with the university is permitted.

University equipment generally may not be used off campus by any organization or individual not associated with the university.

The president may grant exceptions to this policy. 

Contact the following people associated with the appropriate facility and/or equipment.

Conference Facilities - Conference Department
2102 Bottum University Center        Phone:             906.227.2634      

Forest Roberts Theatre - Director
Forest Roberts Theatre                    Phone:             906.227.2553      

Superior Dome, Hedgecock Field-house, Physical Education Instruction Facility, Berry Events Center, intramural fields, and athletic fields - Recreational Facilities Services
Director - Recreational Facilities and Services
C101 Superior Dome                        Phone:             906.227.2850      

Bottum University Center - Director of University Center
1106 Bottum University Center        Phone:             906.227.2645      

Date Approved:10-21-1999
Last Revision:10-21-1999
Last Reviewed:10-21-1999
Approved By:President