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Exhibits and Displays At Northern Michigan University Facilities Policy

Exhibits and Displays At Northern Michigan University Facilities Policy

The permanent display areas at Northern Michigan University are designed as a Heritage Center.  These spaces are defined as property that is acquired from person(s) or event(s) that have state or national significance and are connected to the Upper Peninsula and/or Northern Michigan University.  Northern Michigan University has many visitors throughout the year.  The University’s purpose is to educate these visitors to the rich traditions and heritage that are a part of our legacy in the Upper Peninsula.



1. Anyone who wishes to be considered for a permanent display or exhibition with donations at any of Northern Michigan University’s facilities needs to fill out a request form.  This request form can be picked up from the Superior Dome Office.  Donations that carry stringent donor restrictions may not be accepted.
2. The completed request form can be sent or dropped off at the Superior Dome Office. 
3. Applications will be discussed by the Permanent Display/Exhibition Committee, which meets the third Wednesday of each month or as often as necessary.  The committee will consist of the University Historian, the Associate Vice President - Recreation and Athletics, the Associate Vice President - Auxiliary Services, the Archivist, and a faculty member of the Department of Art and Design.  If there is not enough information, the request form will be returned.  The person requesting the permanent display or exhibition may resubmit the form with additional information.
4 If the initial request form is accepted, there will be a meeting between the Permanent Display/Exhibition Committee and the person or group requesting the display/exhibit, especially when changes are involved.  There will be changes if inappropriate materials or ideas are not consistent with displays already in place.
5. After this meeting, the Permanent Display/Exhibition Committee will consult with the President of the University, the Associate Vice President - Business Services and Facilities, the Director of Business Services, and the Vice President for Finance and Administration.  The final decision will be made in a timely manner.  If any corrections are needed, the applicant will be contacted for additional information.
6. The recommendation for the permanent display or exhibition will be brought to the President for a signature of approval to proceed.
7. If the President approves the request, the quality of the display is to be superior.  The cost of the display is the responsibility of the person or group who puts forth the request.
8. Once these materials are donated, the person or group will be asked to complete and sign a “Statement of Gift/Release Form” from the Archives, as well as a “Northern Michigan University Property Donation Form” from the Purchasing Department.  This means that a person or group gives up the rights to the objects and papers in the display at Northern Michigan University.  The donations to the University are held in public trust and as such, all objects accepted into the collection shall be considered permanent.  Therefore, any form of disposal, whether by donation, exchange, or sale shall be considered with the utmost gravity and will follow the Professional Practices for Art Museums adopted by the Association of Art Museum Directors in November 1991.
9. The procedure for “non-permanent” displays is as follows:  Display cases located near or in University Offices or Departments shall be the responsibility of that Department or University Office for display, maintenance and cleaning and need not have approval from the Permanent Display/Exhibition Committee.

If there are any questions about proposed permanent displays or exhibits that you are planning, please contact the Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at 227-2920 for the phone number of the current Chair of the Permanent Display/Exhibition Committee.





Date Approved:4-20-1998
Last Revision:4-20-1998
Last Reviewed:4-20-1998
Approved By:President