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Hazing Policy

Hazing Policy


Northern Michigan University actively seeks to promote the welfare of students by encouraging their involvement in extracurricular activities and student organizations.  In keeping with this goal, the University has established a policy that prohibits hazing.


All students, faculty, and staff.


No registered student organization, athletic team, or other organized student group shall engage in or be a party to any intentional act(s) of hazing, that is, and act(s) which embarrasses, injures, frightens, degrades, or endangers any member or prospective member of an organization.  In the event that the hazing act(s) of an individual member of the group or organization is condoned, known, or repeated, sanctions against the group or organization will be imposed.  Possible sanctions include:

1. Probation.  Probation is a period during which additional incidents of hazing will be dealt with more severely than they would be otherwise.
2. Special Conditions.  Special Conditions prescribe a certain course of activity or behavior that must occur.
3. Loss of Privileges.  Privileges granted to the group or organization are suspended for a period of time that will be determined by the severity of the offense and the conditions surrounding it.
4. Suspension of Activities.  A group or organization is prohibited from sponsoring or participating in activities.  This penalty is invoked when violations are particularly serious or of a repeated nature.
5. Disbanding of the Organization.  The group or organization is disbanded and must cease operations.  This penalty is applied when the violations are severe, of a repeated nature, or constitute a threat to the well-being of members of the University community.

Alleged violations of this policy will be heard by the Dean of Students.


Invitational Agreement Between Northern Michigan University and Greek Organizations.


Date Approved:5-14-1999
Last Revision:5-14-1999
Last Reviewed:3-4-2019
Approved By:President