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Employee Use of University Resources Policy

Employee Use of University Resources Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines for the use of all university resources by employees.

Faculty, staff, and student employees.


Faculty, staff, and student employees may use university resources when all conditions are met of existing university procedures and guidelines. 

Where applicable each unit/department may develop guidelines that specify how the General Policy is to be implemented. These unit/department guidelines should cover the use of University resources as such activities routinely occur or might occur within the unit/department. Guidelines for each unit/department must be approved through administrative channels to the appropriate Vice President. Recommendations for modifications or reasons for non-approval of the guidelines shall be communicated by the appropriate administrator in writing to the unit/department through channels. The unit/department guidelines should include specific conditions or procedures covering each of the following:

  1. A general description of the sorts of activities covered by the policy and how the activities are consistent with the University's mission and with the General Policy or are of potential benefit to the University. As examples, the activity may be a professional development experience for the employee, or it may provide a service to the members of the larger community, or it may serve the University community. Limitations on activities should be specified if relevant or appropriate.
  2. A procedure for notification and/or approval or disapproval of an activity by the unit/department head.
  3. A procedure to record the frequency of activities or to account for the use of resources.
  4. Directions for establishing a procedure with the Accounting Department for reimbursement for the use of University resources, when required. The Chief Accountant must approve such procedures.
  5. A Statement assuring the individual employee's liability for activities rather than the University or unit/department liability and the circumstances under which this liability policy must be communicated to potential recipients of services.
  6. The circumstances (example: hours of use) under which space and/or equipment controlled by the unit/department can be used including distinctions to be made between the use of personal offices and other space or equipment and the use of offices and other space or equipment and the use of unit/department space by employees outside that unit/department.
  7. A statement, if appropriate, describing how, in practice, the job responsibilities of an employee and other University activities are to be given priority over an employee's personal or community service activities. The following procedure should be followed in the absence of unit/department guidelines, or where the activity at issue is not covered by the unit/department guidelines, or where the activity, although ordinarily acceptable under unit/department guidelines, is in this case unusual or occurs with frequent regularity. Written approval from the immediate supervisor must be obtained by the employee on the appropriate form, and use of University resources for personal financial gain must also have the approval of the appropriate Dean and Vice President. In cases where the employee does not stand to make a personal financial gain, approval above the immediate supervisor may be obtained at the discretion of the immediate supervisor.



Date Approved:10-21-1999
Last Revision:10-21-1999
Last Reviewed:10-21-1999
Approved By:President