Employment Extension Policy To Be Used When A Grant Or Contract Is In The Process Of Being Renewed Or Extended

Date Approved:4-4-1987
Last Revision:4-4-1987
Last Reviewed:4-4-1987
Approved By:President
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To establish a process of extending employment for grant funded employees.


All Faculty and Staff.


Generally, it is the responsibility of the project director to ensure that a grant or contract is extended prior to the expiration date of the old grant or contract. Recognizing that on occasion that is not possible, and where continuity of employment is necessary, this procedure should insure that employees are not unduly or unfairly affected.

Where a grant or contract has expired and the new agreement is in the process of being renewed or extended, the project director may request to continue established positions during the interim period until a complete grant or contract has been awarded by use of the Employment Extension Procedures.