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Employment Extension Policy for Grant Funded Employees

Employment Extension Policy for Grant Funded Employees

To establish a process of extending employment for grant funded employees.

All Faculty and Staff.

Generally, it is the responsibility of the project director to ensure that a grant or contract is extended prior to the expiration date of the old grant or contract. Recognizing that on occasion that is not possible, and where continuity of employment is necessary, this procedure should insure that employees are not unduly or unfairly affected.

Where a grant or contract has expired and the new agreement is in the process of being renewed or extended, the project director may request to continue established positions during the interim period until a completed grant or contract has been awarded by use of the Employment Extension Procedures.



The Employment Extension procedures are as follows:

  1. Prepare a request for an account form and submit for Council member's approval. This form should contain the following information:

    A.   Dollar and time limitations this account is to be operated under while formal grant or contract is being obtained;

    B.   A written statement from the council member indicating how deficits will be covered in the event funding is not continued.

    C.   A budget for the time period outlined in the request;
  2. An Employment Processing System (EPS) form will be prepared for the entire appointment period (the whole period of time for which you expect the grant or contract to be renewed). The form will note that the "Appointment is for the period noted above subject to the continued availability of funding for the position."
  3. Upon final approval of the EPS form the appropriate Employment Agreement for Grant or Contract employees will be prepared.
  4. Where dollar or time limitations for the account have been reached, the project director will be notified by the Controller. The project director may request an amendment to these restrictions from the appropriate Council member. Employees may not work beyond the dollar or time limitations approved in 1(A) above. The project director will be responsible for ensuring this does not occur.
  5. In the event funding is not being continued or the project director elects not to continue the positions, the project director will follow standard personnel procedures in notifying the affected employee and submitting termination forms.



Date Approved:4-4-1987
Last Revision:4-4-1987
Last Reviewed:4-4-1987
Approved By:President