Wildcat Statue

Employees Elected To Public Office Policy

Employees Elected To Public Office Policy

To establish guidelines for employees holding public office, whether appointed or elected to that office.

All Faculty and Staff.

It is the policy of Northern Michigan University to encourage employees to exercise their citizenship responsibilities.  Faculty or staff appointed or elected to public office are not considered representatives of the University.  Such service must not conflict with the faculty or staff members duties and must be fulfilled on their own time.  University facilities and services are not to be used by faculty or staff to campaign for public office.  The University will not assume any liability resulting from the holding of public office by any faculty or staff member.

Leaves of absence to fulfill the obligations of the office, whether paid or unpaid, must be taken at the convenience of the University.  In the event any of these conditions conflict with the "political activity" leave sections of any collective bargaining agreements, the collective bargaining agreement will be controlling.




Date Approved:10-21-1999
Last Revision:7-29-2015
Last Reviewed:7-29-2015
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:RISK & INSURANCE