Wildcat Statue

Unauthorized Release Of Department Of State Information

Unauthorized Release Of Department Of State Information

To ensure that the university is following the Michigan Department of State rules and state laws regarding the use of information the department provides to NMU.

All NMU employees who have access to the Department of State information.

Northern Michigan University employees have access to confidential information or records that are provided to NMU from the Michigan Department of State.  Employees must not divulge information contained in the records and files received from the Department of State, except to other employees who may need such information in connection with their duties. 

 If an employee is approached to provide information inappropriately, the employee must refuse the requested information and refer the requester to the employee’s immediate supervisor.  If the employee is unsure if the request is inappropriate or not, the employee should consult with his/her immediate supervisor.

 It is a serious offense for an employee to release or use, for personal purposes, confidential information received by NMU from the Department of State.  Any employee who inappropriately releases such information, or uses this information for personal purposes, will be disciplined appropriately, up to and including dismissal.


Department of State Memorandum of Agreement and attached Rider A.  For these documents, contact Human Resources (ext. 2330)..


Date Approved:3-7-2001
Last Revision:3-7-2001
Last Reviewed:3-7-2001
Approved By:President