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Use Of Student Information Policy

Use Of Student Information Policy

It is the University's policy to insure the confidentiality of student social security numbers and data related to student educational records used by both internal and external audiences.  The University also holds certain responsibilities related to quality assurance and external compliance deemed official University business.  In order to meet quality assurance and compliance requests, the University bears the responsibility and holds the right to collect, analyze, maintain, and generate internal/external reports involving student social security numbers and educational record data.  Such data must be reported in summary (collated) form and must not disclose individual student social security numbers or educational records in the final document.

This applies to all individuals, departments, divisions, and subgroups within the University.

A. Research and Survey Activities not related to compliance and quality assurance must follow the Human Subjects Guidelines available in the Office of Graduate Studies or at its web site: http://www.nmu.edu/research.  Items submitted involve all research projects not considered to be part of the University's Official Business.
B. Official University Business involving Quality Assurance and Compliance with External Agency Guidelines must be submitted to the Office of Institutional Research, Paul Duby.  Dr. Duby will review for appropriateness of protocol and forward research and survey activities to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research when not considered part of the University's official business.  When considering part of the University's official business, Dr. Duby will initial the project and arrange for appropriate processing.


This policy is in accordance with the NMU Student Handbook:  Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Code, University Policies and Related Documents (1997) parts and  For further information on restrictions on release of Educational Records, please refer to page 7 of the NMU Student Handbook.


Date Approved:5-10-1999
Last Revision:7-29-2015
Last Reviewed:7-29-2015
Approved By:President