Handling The Billing, Payments And Funds Of International Students

Date Approved:11-10-1983
Last Revision:11-10-1983
Last Reviewed:11-10-1983
Approved By:President


To establish fee schedules for International Students.


International Students



1. All tuition payments and related fees are due in accordance with the published payment schedule.

2. Room and board fees are paid by the semester, or according to the published payment schedule.

3. When an international student's funds are made payable to Northern Michigan University, the following procedures will be followed:

a. The University will deduct required fees and other expenses for the full year, unless the amount received is sufficient to cover the expenses of the first semester only.

b. Any student funds held by the University for estimated future expenses will be held in a noninterest-bearing account at the University.

c. Bank charges for processing checks from foreign banks will be charged against the student's account.