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Scheduling Of Classroom And Laboratory Space Policy

Scheduling Of Classroom And Laboratory Space Policy

Registrar's Office, 906-227-2258; http://www.nmu.edu/registrar


To ensure the efficient and effective use of classroom space.


All faculty and staff.


Assigning and scheduling of all classroom and laboratory space is the responsibility of the Registrar's Office.

Classrooms and laboratories fall into three categories:

A. DESIGNATED SPACES:  These are spaces specifically designed for special use and cannot be used by others because of room design, equipment/instrument design, security, etc.  All departments with designated space will notify the Registrar's Office of the scheduling of these spaces prior to the beginning of each semester to be included on the master schedule.
B. PRIORITY SPACES:  These are spaces designed to serve special needs of a program yet could be used as a general classroom.  Departments that have been granted space denoted as priority will inform the Registrar's Office of the days and hours the room is needed for priority use.  The Registrar's Office will then schedule the space for nonpriority times.
C. GENERAL SPACES:  These spaces will be scheduled by the Registrar's Office.


Date Approved:10-22-1999
Last Revision:3-27-2019
Last Reviewed:3-27-2019
Approved By:President