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Tickets Policy

Tickets Policy

This policy establishes Northern Michigan University’s Central Ticket Office distribution and sales process.

This policy pertains to all NMU Faculty, Staff and Students.

Northern Michigan University programs which use the Central Ticket Office for admission to University events are under the supervision of several committees and departments. The University ticket policy has been developed to allow these groups to adjust internal policies and procedures to provide optimal services to users, to give programs a means to generate revenue, and to utilize admission to University programs as promotion for the university. 

Sales Location & Responsibility:

The Music Department, Theatre Department, Student Activities & Leadership Programs, and other University and Student organizations will abide by the University ticket procedure when using the Central Ticket Office as the ticketing agent. Each University department or organization not using the Central Ticket Office for ticketed events will be handled in their respective areas in conformance with University Policy and Procedures.

Advanced sales of tickets for athletic contests will be handled through the Central Ticket Office located in the Berry Events Center Ticket Office. Tickets on the date of the event and on-location sales are the responsibility of the Ticket Manager for the University. The Special Assistant to the President/Director of Athletics and the Ticket Manager will develop and prepare recommendations for changes in policies governing the sales and distribution of season tickets for review and approval by the President’s Council.

Complimentary Tickets:

Complimentary tickets should be used prudently within the various groups to promote activities of the respective areas. Each University department and/or organization will develop its own complimentary ticket policy to be submitted to the President’s Council for review and approval. Each University department and/or organization will submit its names and rationale for complimentary tickets to the Central Ticket Office for review and accounting. All athletic complimentary tickets will comply with NCAA policies and regulations. The Special Assistant to the President/Director or Athletics will verify compliance with these regulations and will submit all complimentary lists to the Vise President-Finance and Administration.

Complimentary tickets for the NMU Foundation contributors will be authorized by the Executive Director of the Alumni Relations and NMU Foundation in coordination with the Music, Theatre, and Athletic Departments. Complete records will be maintained in the NMU Foundation office and the respective department offices for audit purposes.

N-Club Passes:

Passes issued to members of the N-Club organization will be allowed admission to athletic events as specified by the pass.  These passes will be issued by the Special Assistant to the President/Athletics Director who will account for all passes issued in accordance with the University Policy.

University Guest Passes:

Retired NMU Faculty/Staff may receive Athletic and Theatre passes upon request.  These tickets are governed by the Human Resources Office and distributed by the Central Ticket Office. Tickets expenses will be reimbursed to each department respectively by funds designated by Human Resources.

Special Days and Events:

Each policy making board may designate special situations and special days for tickets which may be sold with price differential. The Special Assistant to the President/Athletic Director will approve all special situations for Intercollegiate Athletics. The respective President’s Council member will approve special situations for his/her area. All special situations are subject to final review by the President’s Council.

Student ID’s:

Student ID cards allow admittance to some University events on campus at no charge. In other cases, students may obtain admission at reduced rates by presenting a valid student ID card.

Alumni Relations:

On certain occasions, the Alumni Relations will want to use tickets to encourage attendance at University activities. Alumni Relations may directly approach policy groups to request special prices or complimentary tickets for specific groups or events.

Media Passes:

Each University Department and/or Organization will issue media passes for their specific activities for identification purposes rather then blanket general admission tickets to campus events. Media passes may be used for admission to University events by members of the working press. Media passes for athletic events will be coordinated through the Sports Information Director with approval from the Special Assistant to the President/Athletic Director.


Date Approved:1-1-2006
Last Revision:6-21-2021
Last Reviewed:6-21-2021
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:TICKET OFFICE