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Archives And Records Management Policy

Archives And Records Management Policy

To provide for a University Archives and appropriate mechanisms for the preservation, retention, and disposal of official University records and for materials which have enduring historical and research value.

ll employees and students, University offices and organizations.


Northern Michigan University has a responsibility to preserve records containing evidence and information regarding its origins, history, and development, and the achievements of its officers, employees, and students.  Archives serves as a repository to ensure the preservation of these accumulated inactive and/or non-current records of the University and the papers of its faculty, staff, students, alumni, and others which have continuing value.  Thus, Archives becomes the corporate memory of the University, preserving for the future the contributions of many individuals to its growth.

The primary purpose of the Archives is to preserve certain records of the University that are of enduring historical and research value, and to dispose of University records in a timely manner that do not possess such value.  Records generated or received by University officials and other University personnel in the conduct of their work are public records.  These records of official activities are not to be destroyed without the approval of the Archivist.  Because records created by the officers and offices of the University are public property and proper management is a public trust, the University is committed to providing the resources required to enable the Archives to fulfill its mission.

In addition to preserving University records, the Archives will collect historical materials which are not official University records but which document the history of the Central Upper Peninsula.  Such archives are subject to space and staff limitations while taking into consideration the potential danger of the destruction of such materials if they are not collected by the Northern Michigan University Archives.

The University Archivist bears primary responsibility for selecting records of historical and research value.  The Archives seeks to promote economy and efficiency by providing assistance to both producers and users of records; by making recommendations regarding filing systems, security, and access; and by establishing records retention schedules.  Guidelines regarding the preservation or disposal of records are embodied in the records retention and disposal schedules.  These schedules are developed for each division and department of the University by the Archivist in conjunction with office personnel and appropriate state agencies.


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Date Approved:10-15-1999
Last Revision:10-15-1999
Last Reviewed:10-15-1999
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