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Selection Of Student Speaker At Commencement Ceremonies

Selection Of Student Speaker At Commencement Ceremonies

The following procedure will be used for selecting a student to speak at fall and winter semester commencement ceremonies.

All students, faculty, and staff.


A selection committee comprised of two graduating senior students appointed by the ASNMU president, two NMU faculty members invited by the Dean of Students, the Dean of Students or designee, and the ASNMU president will audition candidates for student commencement speaker. All candidates must be members of the graduating class and registered to graduate with a baccalaureate degree.

The primary selection criteria to be used by the selection committee will be quality of delivery and content. Presentations at commencement ceremonies must be submitted in writing in advance and may be no longer than five minutes. 

Date Approved:4-19-2001
Last Revision:4-19-2001
Last Reviewed:1-7-2021
Approved By:President