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Printing Services Requistition Forms

Printing Services Requistition Forms

This policy contains information relating to the printing request form and procedures.

All faculty and staff


General Information:

Printing services provides the following services:

  • sign engraving
  • binding
  • collating
  • folding
  • padding
  • hole punching
  • paper cutting
  • stapling
  • offset printing, offset duplicating, photocopy reproduction and camera plate making for booklets, brochures, envelopes, form letters, cards, and other related items.
  • enlargement and reduction capabilities
  • typesetting
  • layout and design work

An employee desiring services from Printing Services does the following:

  1. Completes a Printing Services Request Form
  2. Attaches samples to the request, as necessary
  3. Forwards the request to Printing Services (all 3 copies). For more complex jobs, personally visiting Printing Services ensures proper completion of the job.
  4. Picks up the job when it is completed or receives the job through campus mail or by delivery personnel.

Procedure for Printing Services Form

  1. Department requesting service
  2. Individual requesting job
  3. Phone for the contact person
  4. Date form is submitted
  5. Date job is requested
  6. Account number of department to be charged
  7. An authorized signature
  8. Delivery point (i.e.: building & room number) or mark as a pick up
  9. Fill out job name
  10. Number of original pages
  11. Number of copies per the original
  12. Color and type of stock required
  13. Finished size of the document
  14. Ink color desired
  15. Any special instructions regarding the procedure for the job

General information Photo Copy Reproduction (Quick Copy)
Quick copy eliminates the need for preparation of mimeograph stencils, ditto master, etc.; and the need to use office copiers as reproduction equipment.
Generally, materials should be prepared in black on white paper. Allow ¼ inch blank margin on the short edge for mechanical handling. Offset masters are prepared and printed on one or both sides in black ink on white bond paper furnished by Printing Services. A direct copy method is recommended for less than 150 copies.
The original may be on letterhead stationary stock although the copies should not be. Bindery work such as collating, stapling and drilling should be indicated on the Request for Printing Services form.
Material prepared for two sided production should be on separate pages to prevent read through. The backing page should be identified in light pencil on the reverse "back page in numbered order".
Prepare the Request for Printing Services, in triplicate, indicating the services required (see specific information). Attach original copies of the typed materials prepared by the department and forward to Printing Services. Upon completion of the requested work, Printing Services will compute the cost data and return the last copy of the form with the completed material. The department should retain these copies for reconciling monthly departmental budget reports. The Contract Printing billings will come in the mail after the job has been completed.
The first copy is retained in departmental order in Printing Services. The accumulated copies will be processed monthly through Data Processing where charges to all departments will be summarized and disseminated to appropriate accounts. These charges will include all transactions completed through the 25th of each month except in June when all costs will be accumulated from May 25th through June 30th.

Materials Authorized for Duplication

Printing Services Guidelines

The following guidelines, regarding materials authorized to be duplicated in Printing Services, are in effect for University personnel. These guidelines are in order of priority.

Category I
Material directly related to University business, either academic or administrative. All such requests require the signature of the Department Head, Director or Manager. See the attached listings of items not considered University business.

Category II
Material from registered student organizations, except materials of commercial or political nature.

Category III
Material personally submitted by an employee for use by a nonprofit organization, of which he/she is a member.

Category IV
Material submitted by employees or sudents, except materials of commercial or political nature, for their personal use only.

Any exceptions to the above guidelines must be approved by the Vice President for Business and Finance. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to accept or reject materials submitted for duplicating, in categories II through IV.

Date Approved:4-8-1987
Last Revision:12-11-2012
Last Reviewed:12-11-2012
Approved By:President
Oversight Unit:PURCHASING