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Bulk Mail Policy

Bulk Mail Policy

This policy contains information relating to Mail Services Bulk Mail ordering and scheduling procedures.

All faculty and staff.


Bulk Mail will be processed according to Mail Service department standards and procedures.



The following information outlines the “Bulk Mail” ordering and scheduling procedures for departmental use.

Bulk mail is defined as bound, printed matter, and small parcels weighing less than 16 ounces. Material sent as a bulk mail must contain a general message aimed at those who receive it, rather than a personal message aimed at a particular individual.
Examples of bulk mailings include, but are not limited to, items such as brochures, booklets, catalogs, and circulars.


  1. All bulk mailings must be processed on a Bulk Mail Order Form. They are available from the Central Warehouse, catalog #2-5090. BULK MAIL ORDER FORM SHOULD INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFROMATION:
    1. Requesting Department
    2. Individual that is the contact person
    3. The phone number of the contact person
    4. Date bulk mail form is filled out
    5. Date material is need
    6. Account of department charged
    7. An authorized signature of the account director
    8. Job name
    9. Number of pieces needed
    10. Description of the items and what has to be done to them before mailing
    11. Total mailing number
    12. Finished size when mailing
    13. What type of mailing is needed (i.e.: 1st class)
    14. Check if the job has: labeling, sorting, meter, inserting, bundle
    15. List any special instructions needed
  2. As soon as a mailing date is known, departments are requested to submit the Bulk Mailing form
    1. Reschedule a mutually acceptable due date or
    2. Request your approval of overtime to complete the work. The authorizing department will be responsible for the overtime charges. (A Bulk Mail Overtime Authorization Form is available from the Mail Services Department, a completed sample is attached) or
    3. Suggest you send the mailing to a private bulk mail firm (i.e.: Lake Superior Press). The departments will have to submit a Purchase Requisition to Purchasing and will be responsible for all charges from the outside resource.



Date Approved:3-15-1991
Last Revision:3-15-1991
Last Reviewed:3-15-1991
Approved By:President