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Guideline: University Service Charges

Guideline: University Service Charges

To provide instructions on the submittal and approval process of University service charges.

All University Departments.

The following information outlines the service charge review and approval process.

The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees defines service charges as all other University charges, which are not tuition, fees, or housing charges. Dining services and bookstore product lines are also excluded.

  1. Each fiscal year, the Chair of the Service Charge Review Committee sends out a request to all University departments to submit any new service charges or changes in approved service charges for the following fiscal year.
  2. Each request should be discussed with the appropriate dean, director, or division head prior to submission and must contain the following:
    (a) Name, department, telephone number and office address of requestor,
    (b) Brief rationale as to why the service charge is needed,
    (c) Whether the service or product is provided on a cost basis,
    (d) The activity or service requiring a service charge,
    (e) The proposed service charge rate, and increase over previous rate if applicable,
    (f) Impact of charges on the user population, and
    (g) Impact on the level of staff or service in the requestor’s department.
  3. The Service Charge Committee reviews all proposed changes and recommends approval or disapproval of these charges.
  4. The proposed package of service charges is forwarded to President’s Council for discussion and subsequent approval or disapproval.
  5. Those departments requesting new service charges or changes in prior year charges are notified of the approval or disapproval.
  6. The final list of all approved service charges is posted on the Finance web page.



Date Approved:7-16-2004
Last Revision:7-16-2004
Approved By:President