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09.00 Building Evacuation

09.00 Building Evacuation

The Northern Michigan University Board of Control has determined that ordinances for the protection, benefit, government and control of persons and property within the boundaries of lands under the jurisdiction of the Board of Control are essential to secure the successful operation of the University, maintain good order, promote the designed objectives of the University, and obviate unnecessary and improper interferences with University activities and the lawful activities of those coming upon such lands. The Board of Control, therefore, adopts the following ordinances.

Applicability: All Students, Faculty, Staff and Community

09.00              BUILDING EVACUATION

No person shall knowingly disregard or refuse to comply with any signal, including but not limited to a fire alarm, or any verbal instruction or indication by a University Police Department Officer or other police or fire official, to evacuate a building or a section of a building where a signal or alarm is sounding or where an Officer is so indicating.

Date Approved:8-3-2001
Last Revision:9-15-2023
Last Reviewed:9-15-2023
Approved By:Board of Trustees