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20.00 Soliciting, Selling, And Publicizing

20.00 Soliciting, Selling, And Publicizing

The Northern Michigan University Board of Control has determined that ordinances for the protection, benefit, government and control of persons and property within the boundaries of lands under the jurisdiction of the Board of Control are essential to secure the successful operation of the University, maintain good order, promote the designed objectives of the University, and obviate unnecessary and improper interferences with University activities and the lawful activities of those coming upon such lands.  The Board of Control, therefore, adopts the following ordinances.

Applicability: All Students, Faculty, Staff and Community/Visitors


20.01   No person shall engage in soliciting or selling any non-University services, activities, or goods, or take orders to make contracts for the purchase or delivery thereof, or sell or offer for sale tickets for services, activities or goods, or solicit for any purpose whatsoever, at any place on the campus without written permission from the Dean of Students; provided, however, that the provisions of this ordinance shall not prohibit the sale of student publications when such sales conform to the provisions of the policy entitled "Distribution or Sale of Student Publications and Other Written Materials." Any solicitation or selling of products or materials in violation of state or federal law is prohibited. 

20.02   No person shall erect or otherwise display any sign or poster in any building or upon property owned or governed by the University which advertises or otherwise calls attention to any non-University product, service, or activity without permission from the Dean of Students.

Date Approved:8-3-2001
Last Revision:9-15-2023
Last Reviewed:9-15-2023
Approved By:Board of Trustees