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Accident Report Policy

Accident Report Policy

To establish a uniform procedure and format for reporting work related accidents, injuries and illnesses, and other injuries or accidents occurring on property owned or under the control of Northern Michigan University.

Public Safety must be immediately notified of all personal injury accidents* involving faculty, staff, students, or visitors, resulting in injuries requiring treatment other than self-administered first aid. The injured individual must notify his or her supervisor, responsible faculty member, or Public Safety. A University Incident Report must be prepared within twenty-four (24) hours of the injury by the supervisor, responsible faculty member, or Public Safety.

*A personal injury accident is an accident other than a motor vehicle accident. Motor vehicle accidents involving injuries are required to be reported by the Motor Vehicle Code.

Date Approved:3-4-1987
Last Revision:3-4-1987
Last Reviewed:3-4-1987
Approved By:President