Wildcat Statue

Power Lockout Policy

Power Lockout Policy

To establish a policy for the minimum requirements for power lockout procedures and training requirements.

All University employees, full time, part time, temporary, casual labor, students.

Every university employee shall comply with the provisions and requirements of MIOSHA standards governing the control of hazardous energy sources.


Act 154 of Public Acts 174, as amended, Part 85.

The following are the minimum requirements for power lockout procedures: 

  1. Alert those people who may have equipment affected that power is being disconnected.
  2. A padlock shall be placed at the point of power disconnect by the person performing the work.*
  3. Keys will be removed from the padlock at the time of the lockout.
  4. Before repair work is started, equipment will be tested to ensure power is off.
  5. Before starting repairs, the person performing the work shall make sure that any hazardous residual gravity pressure is relived.
  6. Any equipment that needs blocking to prevent its movement by gravity or other means must be blocked.
  7. A machine connected to an electrical source by a plug-in cord shall be disconnected and the plug secured in a lockout box. (plugs are acceptable as disconnecting means only for portable motors and 110v fixed equipment).
  8. No one other than the person placing the padlock on the power lockout shall remove the padlock and restore power.
  9. If it is necessary for work to be continued by personnel from the next shift, the padlock of the original employee shall be removed by the employee in the presence of the oncoming shift personnel who will immediately insert their own padlock into the disconnect.

*individual locks shall be used, or a supervisor may place a lock for which he has the only key and assure that all crews are clear before removing the lock.

Date Approved:12-2-1987
Last Revision:12-2-1987
Last Reviewed:12-2-1987
Approved By:President