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Fraud Reporting Policy

Fraud Reporting Policy

General Fraud - Mike Bath/NMU Police Department 906 227-2151 mbath@nmu.edu
-OR- Jill Compton/Internal Audit Department 906 227-2375 jicompto@nmu.edu
Wage and Hours Fraud - Rhea Dever/Human Resources 906 227-2333 rdever@nmu.edu

To establish a policy pertaining to the prohibition and investigation of incidents of fraudulent financial reporting, misappropriation of assets and corruption as well as other relevant issues.

All university employees, temporary employees and students.


It is the policy of Northern Michigan University that all acts of fraud (fraudulent financial reporting, misappropriation of assets and corruption) will be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. All violations should be reported. A single incident is sufficient grounds for investigation, and may result in disciplinary action including termination, and/or arrest and prosecution. Further, it is the policy of Northern Michigan University that no employee will be subject to disciplinary action because he or she reports, or is about to report a violation or suspected violation of law, regulation, or rule promulgated pursuant to the laws of Michigan.


Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated, Section 750.218 et seq., and 750.271 et seq.

For additional information see: http://www.michiganlegislature.org/mileg.asp?page=getObject&objName=MCL-750-218

Last reviewed: 9/12/2017

Any incident, or suspected incident of fraud, should be reported to the NMU Police Department, the Internal Auditor, or the Human Resources Department. Incidents involving student employees may also be reported to the Dean of Students.

Individuals desiring to remain anonymous may report their concerns at our crime tips page- https://www.nmu.edu/publicsafety/crime-tips-1. Individuals who would like to speak directly to a public safety officer should call the NMU Police Department (906) 227-2151. All calls are kept confidential and treated in the same manner as those made via the crime tips page.

Date Approved:7-8-2004
Last Revision:9-12-2017
Last Reviewed:9-12-2017
Approved By:President