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Research at NMU

Northern Michigan University prides itself on the numerous opportunities we provide to undergraduate and graduate students to engage in high-level research projects. From uncovering the mysteries of the Aurora Borealis to conducting brain tumor and genetics research, students are able to participate in meaningful, hands-on learning that supports their educational and personal goals.  

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Research Centers and Labs

NMU students and faculty engage in scholarship and research in all academic departments. 


Carlson and Fang use neuro-headset in the CABIN lab

NMU Research Spotlight: CABIN Lab

The podcast WaterCoolerNeuroscience recently featured a paper by NMU's Psychological Science CABIN lab directors Dr. Josh Carlson and Dr. Lin Fang in their episode: How your brain cells grow to handle anxiety. This episode discussed Carlson and Fang's paper "Attentional bias to threat and gray matter volume morphology in high anxious individuals", which discusses the areas in the brain that develop more brain cells and which develop more connections when experiencing stress.

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NMU Undergraduate Research Spotlight

Darren Simmons, a Medicinal Plant Chemistry major from Houston, Texas conducted a McNair Research Internship this summer with Dr. Wilson from the Department of Chemistry. Together they completed a one of a kind project about medicinal properties in the plant Radula complanta (Flat-leaved liverwort). He originally planned on observing the application of ultraviolet light in the lab to see if that would increase concentration of beneficial chemicals, but ended up identifying pathogens and microbes in the plant. Discovered a fungus that grows within liverwort that was not mentioned in the few studies that have been conducted on the plant, and found similar microbes in both C. sativa and R. complanata. With the help of Dr. Wilson, Darren submitted the continuation of this research as a NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP) proposal.


Rainbow Colored Crab

NMU Research Spotlight: Faculty

NMU Biology Professor, Dr. Neil Cumberlidge recently participated in an expedition to Sierra Leone in an effort to relocate two species of long-lost crabs. One species hadn't been seen since 1795, and the other since 1955. The project was initiated by Cumberlidge and he has been integral to locating these little known species.

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"The word 'research' can seem daunting and out of your comfort zone, but it can be fun and tailored to your interests! Ask questions, ask for help, and reach out to explore the possible opportunities in your areas of interest."

Breanna Demaline