Male faculty member doing soils research with two male students

Advisory Board Mission & Activities

Mission Statement

The board's mission is to recognize, promote, and advocate for undergraduate research at NMU.

Activities of the Board

Activities include providing guidance on the development of UR policies and supporting format UR programs including the McNair Scholars Program and Freshman Fellows Program. The Undergraduate Research Advisory Board is a collaborative effort between Northern Michigan University faculty researchers, support staff, and Graduate Education and Research.

Advisory Board Members

April Lindala Native American Studies
Josh Carlson Psychological Science
Haley Rhoades Dean of Students Office
Michael Joy Honors/Languages
Megan DelBello ACAC
Rick Mengyan Physics
Andy Poe Math and Computer Science
Ryan Stock EEGS
Michael Strahan Library
Janelle Taylor Graduate Ed and Research
Diana Lafferty Biology
Yan Ciupak Sociology