Our Mission

The CGS&R team strives to maintain an environment that nurtures academic and personal growth and respects a diversity of ideas. In all our areas of responsibility, we work to promote excellence in education, scholarship, and equal access to the opportunities afforded by graduate studies and research. 

Commitment to Social Equity

Graduate Studies and Research stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and with indigenous communities who have long sought justice; we condemn and seek to dismantle systemic, institutionalized racisim and discrimination and actively work to perpetuate social justice, access to opportunity, and equity in teaching and learning. In partnership with graduate and research academic programs, we seek to help students develop the conceptual frameworks and analytic methods necessary to understand social and economic forms of injustice and thereby empower students of all backgrounds to develop the leadership skills necessary to build a better, more just society.  

We confirm our commitment to respect all perspectives and beliefs, to welcome and support all races, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and sexual and gender identities. Graduate degrees are a pathway to opportunity and advancement; equitable access to advanced learning and research opportunities is essential for all students to successfully reach academic, personal, and professional goals.