About the GSA

NMU's Graduate Student Association represents the graduate students attending Northern Michigan University. This student organization addresses academic issues, volunteers in the community, and plans social activities that allow graduate students to get to know each other.

Any student participating in any graduate-level program at Northern Michigan University may become a member of GSA with voting and office-holding privileges. Everyone is invited to our events and meetings. Click on the “Schedule and Announcements” link to the right to get the most recent list of activities and meeting dates.

Dr. Lisa Eckert, Dean of Graduate Education, is the adviser for the NMU Graduate Student Association. She can be reached at graduate@nmu.edu or 227-2300.

GSA Mission

Our mission is to positively contribute to the life of graduate students and the Northern Michigan University community through advocacy, professional development, volunteerism and social collaboration.

We strive to fulfill this mission by serving as a vehicle of communication between graduate students and the administration, and by creating opportunities for professional development through organized activities such as symposiums, panels, and conferences. We hold a commitment to group volunteer work that benefits NMU, as well as the community of Marquette, and we facilitate social interaction and networking for graduate students across departmental lines. We work towards these goals in order to create a rich experience for NMU graduate students that reflect the mission of the university and the quality of education that we receive here.