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Faculty Forms

These forms are available online for graduate faculty members' convenience. Click on the form you need and follow the instructions for completion and submission.

Plan of Study forms are also available on the shared google drive. 

Courses and Capstone Project 

  • Course Waiver Form - Word | PDF
  • Transfer Credit Request Form - Word | PDF
  • Thesis Proposal Form - PDF
  • Verification of Completion of Capstone Graduate Project - Word | PDF
  • Thesis Chair Checklist - Word | PDF

Graduate Faculty Status and Terms

A complete list of graduate faculty in alphabetical order that includes term appointment and department is available in .pdf format below. If you have any questions regarding this information, contact

Applications for graduate faculty status must be completed and submitted to the Graduate Programs Committee (GPC) for review.

Graduate Faculty Status - Graduate Programs Committee

 For all new applicants and renewals:

Course and Program Forms can be found on the Graduate Programs Committe page