Find Data Sets with ICPSR

ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium of Political and Social Research)

ICPSR is a social science data archive affiliated with the University of Michigan. They seek research data and pertinent documents from data producers, cleans and tags the data, and shares it with researchers in a way that is searchable. 

ICPSR currently holds around 10,000 studies, 77,800 datasets, and bibliography data from 72,000 data-related publications. ICPSR curates and manages the data and makes it available to the general public, as well as provides heightened search functions, specific research, and teaching materials to its member institutions. ICPSR has over 780 member institutions worldwide; NMU became a member in 2018.

ICPSR also provides teaching materials and resources for students

The ICPSR Summer Program provides training for all levels of researchers.