SISU: The Innovation Institute at NMU is an institute for innovation and transformational education encouraging the cultivation of ideas leading to relevant and sustainable university services and academic programs. As an internal hub for innovation, SISU provides a welcoming and inclusive space for members of the NMU community to bring or generate, collaborate, and develop ideas for programs and services.

SISU uses a design thinking framework to gain insights, and refine ideas. It serves as a home for experimental academic programs and services.

For further information on the center, explore the proposal PDF linked below. 


Ice Climbing


SISU: The Innovation Institute at Northern Michigan University exists to facilitate, incubate, and drive innovation on campus.


SISU Think Session

Core Values

Beyond innovation, we will build from our core values...

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Collaborative
  • Agile
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent


SISU Process NMU

The SISU Innovation Process

Step 1: Idea Intake
What's your idea?

Step 2: Research & Analysis
What type of project?

Step 3: Pilot & Pitch
Let's incubate it!

Step 4: Realization
Launch & Release

Contact Us

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