Cybersecurity Institute

U.P. Cybersecurity Institute

A community-based resource for developing and diversifying a strong cybersecurity workforce in the U.P.

About Us

The UPCI (Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute) at Northern Michigan University is the only facility of its kind in the U.P. and one of six statewide. The institute offers non-degree and industry credentials relevant to emerging careers in cybersecurity. It also augments NMU's existing cyber defense bachelor's degree and provides additional career exploration and training opportunities with U.P. K-12 school districts and postsecondary institutions. 

Statewide hubs such as the one at NMU operate as a physical extension of the Michigan Cyber Range, the nation’s largest unclassified cyber range. Hubs offer more than forty industry-recognized certifications, exercises and workshops aimed at qualifying individuals for positions and contracts in cybersecurity fields.

Our Mission


We provide access to lab-based experiential learning and certification for all compliance requirements and frameworks, including NIST, NICE, NSA, DoD, 8570, HiTrust, FFIEC, PCI, CJIS and CSA.


We engage, support and attract surrounding industries and entrepreneurs to provide cost effective and scalable access to software, systems and penetration testing.


We host live security attack and defense exercises to benchmark skills across the spectrum, from K-20 to public, private, defense and military sectors.


As the only hub on Michigan's cyber range in the Upper Peninsula, the institute engages students, teachers and industry partners to promote career pathways in cybersecurity through events, career exploration and hands-on learning.

A Michigan Cyber Range

Certification Courses

The Michigan Cyber Range also offers certification courses for a number of cybersecurity disciplines, with instruction available on-site and live online.

Training & Exercises

Like a test track or a firing range, the Michigan Cyber Range enables individuals and organizations to conduct “live fire” exercises: simulations that test the detection and reaction skills of participants in a variety of situations.

Community First

With the increasing demand for cyber security experts, the ability to earn industry credentials online, and the expanding opportunities for cybersecurity professionals to work remotely, we will be able to develop cybersecurity talent throughout the U.P. and keep people living and working here.

Doug Miller, Director

The cybersecurity field is constantly evolving at a very rapid pace. New threats emerge on an almost daily basis. The UPCI is set up and designed to adapt quickly and incorporate these new threats and defense information into the curriculum.

Contact Us

Michael Sauer | UPCI Director
(906) 227-1358