NMU's Cybersecurity Industry Advisory Committee is composed of cybersecurity leaders from major corporations, cybersecurity product start-up companies, cybersecurity consulting firms, tech startups, economic developer advisers and more. The committee meets regularly with NMU to advise on matters of curriculum, internship pathways, industry trends, and partnership opportunities. The committee ensures that NMU stays at the forefront of cybersecurity education.

Industry Members

David Behen

Vice President and Chief Information Officer, La-Z-Boy

Chris Bender

President, Northcross Group

Roger Blake

Territory Sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks

Laura Clark

Acting Chief Security Officer, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection, Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget

Donald Davy

Director, IT Security, Verso Corporation

Keith Glendon

Founder, LucidCoast, LLC

Kenneth Hartman

Certified Instructor, SANS Institute | Cloud Security Consultant

Jeffrey Martin

Digital Forensic Analyst, Michigan State Police Cyber Command

Meredith Miller

Research and Compliance Consultant, IBM Security

Anthony Mitchell

Cyber Defense Leader, Dow Chemical Corporation

David O’Connor

Cyber Security Strategist, Ford Motor Company

Ray Sims

Security Professional, IBM X-Force Red

Peter Sinclair

Lt. Col., Retired, U.S. Army Cyber Command

Glenn Stevens

Executive Director, MICHauto

Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce:

V.P., Automotive and Mobility Initiatives

Brom Stibitz

Chief Information Officer, State of Michigan

Michigan Department of Technology, Management, and Budget:


Sarah Tennant

Strategic Advisor, Cyber Initiatives, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Jennifer Tisdale

Associate Principal & Director, Connected Mobility and Infrastructure, GRIMM Cyber R&D

Luke Tucker

Senior Director, Marketing, HackerOne

Barry West

Founder, West Wing Advisory Services

Ex Officio Members

Marty Fittante

CEO, InvestUP

Joe Thiel

CEO, Innovate Marquette SmartZone

Northern Michigan University Members

Robert Mahaney

Board of Trustees


Chairman, Board of Directors

Fritz Erickson, Ph.D.


Kerri Schuiling, Ph.D.

Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

Steve VandenAvond, Ph.D.

Vice President, Extended Learning and Community Engagement

Carol Johnson

Dean, College of Business

Jim Marquardson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, College of Business

Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois

Director Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Doug Miller

Director, Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute

Timothy Harris (MAJ)

Department Head & Professor, Department of Military Science

Jessica Copi (CAPT)

Assistant Professor of Military Science

Joshua Ingram (SFC)

Military Science Instructor

David Nyberg

Executive Director, Business Engagement and Economic Development