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What is EcoReps?

EcoReps is a student sustainability peer-to-peer education program. It is designed to give students the resources and knowledge to solve environmental, economic and social sustainability issues. Reps function as the student branch of the Sustainability Advisory Council, and work together to organize campus-wide programming, carry out collaborative projects, and represent the program at various on and off-campus events. Reps will be introduced to new topics, help plan activities and implement actions that will improve sustainability on campus and in the community.

Green Fund 

The Green Fund is a student-paid fee that allows EcoReps to promote sustainable initiatives on campus. We want your help and ideas as to what you as the student body want to see on campus that promotes sustainability. Click our button below and submit a Green Fund submission idea for a sustainable change on campus! 

For any specific questions regarding the Green Fund email EcoReps. 

Connect with EcoReps

If you want to stay up to date on current events and volunteer opportunities find us on Facebook or Instagram

Instagram Page

Email us at for meeting times or to contribute ideas! 

Group Meetings

Next Meeting:

Wednesdays at 6 pm, first floor of Jamrich. 

Email us at for any questions. 


When: Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm
Where: First floor of Jamrich 

Event Coordinators:

When: Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm 
Where: First floor of Jamrich

Green Fund Planning:

When - Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm
Where - First floor of Jamrich


EcoReps members using sewing machines in Jamrich hall

Regular Events (Coming 2021)

Mend-It Monday:

Mend-it-Monday is a recurring event where students can get quick fixes on any damaged clothing or gear.

Tune-Up Tuesday:

Tune-Up-Tuesday is a recurring event that promotes sustainable transportation. Students can bring in their bike for a free tune-up.

Clothing Swap:

Our campus-wide clothing swap is an event where students can drop off used clothing, or take what they need for free. Any clothing left over is donated to PakRatz in support of the Women's Shelter in Marquette.

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