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Sustainability Hub for Innovation & Environment (SHINE)

Supporting, encouraging, and contributing to a diverse and sustainable world

Our purpose is to improve planning and coordination for sustainability on campus, increase the implementation of sustainable initiatives and practices on campuses, and support education on sustainability inside and out of the classroom.

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NMU Sustainability Rating

Northern Michigan University's STARS rating, determined by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education as a measure of universities' performance related to sustainability, advanced to silver in 2020. The rating system factors in academics and research, operations, administration/planning and engagement.


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Community Engagement

The Northern Climate Network is a campus and community organization dedicated to providing opportunities to discuss and learn about climate change in our region. The Northern Climate Network is sponsored by Marquette’s Climate Adaptation Task Force, which is a collaborative effort led by Marquette County, the Superior Watershed Partnership and Northern Michigan University.


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Student Engagement

EcoReps is a peer-to-peer sustainability education program. It is designed to give students the resources and knowledge to solve environmental, economic, and social sustainability issues. EcoReps organize campus-wide
programming, carry out collaborative projects, and host various events on and off-campus such as clothing swaps, zero-waste events, residence hall presentations, and skill-builder workshops.

Contact Us

Please get in touch if you have questions, would like to learn more, or have an idea to share.

  • General sustainability: Jes Thompson, Assistant Vice President of Sustainability and SHINE Director,
  • Energy-related: Kathy Richards, Associate VP Engineering/Planning/Facilities,
  • Recycling-related: Grace Listopad, Director of EcoReps,   
  • Food-related: Paul Schoonveld, Director of Dining Services,


Campus Sustainability Updates

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