Q&A with Anthony Cavalieri

UPCI Industry Partner

Q. Did you attend NMU? If yes, what year did you graduate?

A. Yes, I graduated from NMU in 2019.


Q. How do you use cyber safety and the training you received in your everyday life?

A. I use cyber safety concepts all the time in my everyday life. I try to be as secure as possible in both my professional and personal life. Being cautious with any kind of media online or in emails, secure password creation/storage, and using multi-factor authentication on as many accounts as possible are the most frequently used. I just passed my Security+ certification.


Q. Why was the UPCI and training important to you?

A. The UPCI provides amazing opportunities to a broad audience - from those looking to get into the cybersecurity field to community members trying to improve their online safety habits. For myself, being offered chances to attend industry certification boot camps is amazing, as certifications are very sought after in the industry. Being able to attend/teach at the community events that the UPCI has hosted in the past has been a great experience as well!


Q. What is your affiliation to the UPCI?

A. I joined the UPCI as an industry partner on behalf of Eagle Mine after connecting with Doug Miller and Jim Marquardson after I graduated. As an industry partner, I get to discuss local events, relevant topics, and network with other industry partners on the committee.


Q. What do you hope the future is for cybersecurity and safety?

I hope that cybersecurity becomes a practice that’s second nature to everyone.

A. With the exponential growth of online presence to a younger audience, I think it’s paramount that everyone understands the risks and threats that are out there, and have the knowledge and skillset to stay safe.


Q. What job/role do you currently have?

A. I’m currently an IT Systems Specialist for Eagle Mine. I collaborate with several of our other mine sites around the world on an almost daily basis to troubleshoot, improve, and harden our security posture globally. 


Q. What was/is your college major/minor?

A. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense 


Q. Why would you recommend someone take a course?

A. Being more knowledgeable about cybersecurity, at any level, is beneficial. The free courses offered by the UPCI are great resources for anyone to learn more about cybersecurity, and the certification courses are a great resource to locals in the industry to improve their skill set. Having these resources at the local level is an opportunity that most people don’t have, so I’d recommend anyone to take advantage of it!


Q.What course(s) did you enroll in?

A. I enrolled in the CompTIA Security+ course.


Q. What advice would you give to anyone interested in taking a course?

A. Use the skills and knowledge you get from these courses, and constantly strive to improve yourself in both the personal and professional settings.

Anthony Cavalieri has been working with Eagle Mine as an IT Specialist since graduating in 2019. As an IT Specialist and industry partner, Cavalieri works with other sites globally to help troubleshoot and improve security. Although Anthony uses cybersecurity daily for business use, he wants you to know that you can use it in your personal life too. It is never too late to advance your knowledge and skill set.


Anthony Cavalieri Headshot